Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Havaianas Summer Kit

As salam and greeting beauties :)
Have you heard about this??

Please heard from me. I wanna tell you all something special about HAVAIANAS!
Butterfly Project Malaysia

Havaianas was born in 1962 from the breezy culture of Hawaii and the serene design of Japan. With the same clean lines as the common Japanese sandals called Zori, but with a secret 100% rubber formula, Havaianas is the original child of estern Zen and western joy. Today, you can see the marks of its parentage easily. The Zori, whish has a sole of rice straw, can be seen in the iconic rice pattern found on the sole of every pair of Havaianas. Likewise, the word ''havaianas'' is actually Portuguese for "Hawaiians", whose exuberant colours and culture influence each style.
Made of a secret 100% rubber formula, Havaianas distinguished itself from other flip-flops which used EVA and PVC. With its secret rubber formula, Havaianas boasted extreme comfort, reliable durability and the ability to retain its original shape.
Why I want to have this?
  • I am a flip-flopholic and I want to have havaianas as one of my flip-flops collection.
  • Havaianas is really rare in Malaysia and there would be 20 lucky Malaysian to have it. Who doesnt want to have it right?
  • The classic pin-up girl illustration design is gorgeous and super classy! 
  • I am really vintage lover and Im really craving for this hotstuff.
By the way my size was 6 or 7. Hope I was the luckiest person on earth to have this havaianas flip-flop.

Thank you so much to @MYhavaianas for the most precious flip-flop and not forgotten to The Butterfly Project Malaysia for the greatest oppurtunities given for us Butter-fellas.

psssst! There's only 20 pairs in Malaysia and they're not for sale! This is what we call "Ferrari" of flip flops. And I want to have those "ferrari"! Wish me luck, *finger crossed.

Monday, 10 March 2014

LC Derma Skincare Workshop Part I

As salam and Hello Beauties! :)

Alhamdulilah, first time dapat jemputan ke event skincare workshop. Masa dapat email tu terus cepat cepat reply sebab takut penuh nanti. Hehehe Lepas tu terus pening kepala sebab takut plus excited na pergi. Hahaha Yela kan FIRST TIME kot. Dah la tak kenal siapa siapa pon. Paling paling pon kenal dari facebook dengan blog je. Almaklum lah newbie kan sapa na pandang kita ne. Hehehehe

Sebelum tu ne haa event details :

Fa na ceritakan pengalaman Fa serba sedikit pasal pengalaman first time pergi ke event ne. Pagi pagi lagi Fa da bersiap pergi ke ktm naik public transport je sebab Mabel Yan bagitau tempat ne dekat je dengan KL Sentral. So I think it was the best way by using public transport right. Hehehe Lebih kurang jam 8 lebih kot Fa da tercongok kat KL Sentral tu. Lepas tu sampai tu terus pegi kat meja information tu tanya encik tu kat mana Aloft Hotel ne. 

Rupa-rupanya keluar je dari KL Sentral tu belok kanan ngam ngam seberang jalan tu Aloft Hotel. And I'm just like? Are you kid me? Punya la dekat! Terpana la jugak seketika kat situ sebab pening jugak la tatau na buat apa 2 jam kat Kl Sentral tu. Hehehe Lepas tu terus pergi cari breakfast walaupun dari rumah da breakfast sebenarnya. So it was my double breakfast. Lol. Do I care? hahahha Makan yang ringan ringan je disebabkan it was my second breakfast. Hahahha

I jam ok 1 jam lepak kat sini. Hehehheh Makan lambat lambat layan perasaan. 

My teh tarik. hahahha awesome kan. 

Fa masuk kat Aloft Hotel ne jam 10.30 pagi. Sementara menunggu yang lain datang Fa stay kat lobby hotel ne. Nice kan decoration dia. Satu lagi sebab Fa stay kat sini sebab nampak dari jauh macam dorang masih set upkan bar tu so tanak la ganggu. Heheheh

The Decorations :

The Artwork of the legends in cartoon version :)
Nice work! 

The wxyz Bar :)

Perasaan Fa rasa awkward gila la. Mana taknya da biasa member semua Melayu kan ne bila banyak yang chinese memang awkward lr belit belit lidah na speaking. Hehehehe Tapi best sangat semuanya peramah okay. Ta sombong. Baik sangat. Ta biasa dengan semua tapi berlagak cool. Hahahha Harus la. Fa ingat formal tau event ne sebab tu la berbaju kurung bagai. Hahahah Rupanya santai je. 

The food! :) Best time. Hahahaha Fa makan rojak buah je sebab Im so full because of my double breakfast this morning. HAHAHAH

The chitchat time with Uncle Benson the director of LC Derma. :)
He did brief us about the background products, how to wear them and what should we include in our blogpost. He so nice and friendly. He also had the sense of humour. The conversation between us are so well. Not so formal at all. We're having a great time and full of laugh.

And this is Mabel Yan. The community manager of Hishop. She's so friendly and more gorgeous in real than her DP on facebook. Lol.

Nantikan the next post Part II okay about this products! :) Wait aa..

Last but not least :

Us :)

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