Friday, 30 May 2014

Butterfly Laser Tag Partyyy & Butterfly 1st Annivesary

As Salam and Hello Beauties! :)

Today was my last dayy of part time and I got a whole time to write a blog post before going back to Tanjung Malim to continued my sem. Wuhuuuuuu.. I'm super duper happyy baby. At last I can rest and cook at home whenever I want. 

I want to blog about my second event with The Butterfly Project. It was a 2 in 1 event party, Laser Tag Party plus Butterfly 1st Annivesary. Thank you for the great opportunites given. I'm feel so blessed can get know many experienced and talented blogger who I adore which inspired me in blogging world. It really helped me improved my writing. :') The event was held at The Laser Tag at e@curve, 1st floor near SASA. Well, I'm so happy and excited overload about this event because I really love to play this kinda boys thingy. The event start at 11.00 a.m with variety of breakfast.

After that, peoples in charged was given us instruction and short briefing on how to get points in this war. Then, we were divided into 4 teams. I was in team Hutress :) Others groups was Athena, Mulan and Laser Fly. 

I love this picca so much.. :') Like I'm the main character. I'm the youngest one okay. Maybe la tak tanya pon sorang sorang berapa umur. Entah kenapa selalu rasa diri masih muda lagi. :') Miahahahahah

Tadaaaa! Look so cool stuff haa? It includes vest and a laser tag gun of course the main key in this game. Ahaaa.

This was exactly the environment inside. All you can see is quiet darker inside with neon lights on the decorations and stuffs. We really felt like a real war inside with a music beat keep played when war starts. Each teams had 3 times war to collects the higher marks. Alhamdulilah at last we got number 3 even we were only 1 times winning the games. Lol. What a luck!

Yeahhh, Praise to God :') The 1st place goes to Laser Fly and the second place was Athena. Congrates babes :D

Selca of the day :)

Last but not least, I really highly recommed for those who really eager to play different indoor games. I'm pretty sure many of you newly to this game like me. Heheheeh So what are waiting for haa? 
Go visit their pages for more info :

Here are the prices :
Normal Price:
1 battle - RM20
2 battles - RM32
3 battles - RM42
Unlimited - RM60

Student Price (dont forget to bring your student card):
1 battle - RM17
2 battles -RM27
3 battles - RM37
Unlimited - RM55

Part Package:
Max 15 pax
4 Games
Food & Drinks provided
2 hours usage of private room

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Let's Baby Let's Walk Together, & Dont Be Alone!

As Salam and Hello Baby :)

Hari ne balik awal dari keje so macam bersemangat gila nak tulis blog plak kan. So malam ne kita mulakan dengan pending blog, Butterfly Walk! Lol. Sorry late darlings I'm too busy with my own life. I dont know wether it was busy or pretending too busy. Hmm. 


AIM PROJECT : To raise funds to build a proper community website with account registration while the members get together and walk for a good reason.
REGISTRATION AREA : The bus stop in front of TTDI Park / Taman Tun Park
DATE : 4TH May 2014
TIME : 7.30 a.m - 9.00 a.m
  1. Posh! Nail Spa 
  2. Gong Cha Truck
  3. TT Mask Malaysia
  4. Dove Body Wash
  5. Yogood 
  6. Kiehl's
  7. WD Unique @ Cancer Research Center
  8. Human Nature

Sebenarnya macam tak merancang jugak nak pergi almaklum la my sister dont have to much time. She always finished her week with work work work. Tapi rasa jealous pon ada jugak sebab macam gempak gila weyh Butterfly Walk ne sampai ada 8 sponsor kaww. Meletup tak meletup kau jahhh.. Lagipon ne my 2nd time join event Butterfly, nak guna peluang ne untuk meramah mesra lagi dengan member member yang lain. Yang the first one tu aku kureng bertegur dengan other members (almaklum la I kan shy shy cat).

Alhamdulilah memang rezeki aku untuk join event gempak ne memandangkan akak aku sudi nak join sama. =) Excited gila kaww sampai malam tak boleh nak lelap mata. Sehari sebelum nak pergi tu aku dengan akak dah sibuk dah shopping seluar training. Baru nampak sporty sikit ( walaupon sebenarnya tak buat apa apa selain dok selfie selfie sana sini time kat sana :p ) 

Nasib la akak tau kat mana tempat ne takut jugak tak jumpa macam dulu yang first event. Bukan takut apa takut nanti orang dah tak percaya kat kita. Hmmmm.. Lagipon dah register apa bagai tak jadi mesti la frust menonggeng gila bhai.

Kami park jauh sikit memandangkan macam tak jauh dah tempat tu. Orang yang jogging pon ramai gila agak agak kalau ikut je diorang mungkin sampai la kot tempat yang nak dituju tu. Hahahha Idea gila tapi well said! tempat yang betul tapi tak jumpa pon registration punya tempat. Cuak do.. Hahahaha Nasib dah subscribe internet awal awal so boleh la check balik kat mana sebenarnya tempat nak register tu. 

Lepas dah register we all dapat goodie bag. Yayyyyy!

Korang tak nampak muka aku excited ne haa?

Kami jalan sekeliling taman tapi tak berjogging langsung cuma eksen eksen je. Hahahahaha Malas la nak berpeluh. Hihihihi 
Spot who from behind?

It's The Climb :)
Haiii abang Sado.. *wink wink wink
Currently my OOTD! :)
Sebenarnya ada benda yang paling aku excited kan sekali selain Goodie Bag & T-Shirt Butterfly iaitu :
Gong Cha Gong Cha. Hahahaha Aku tak pernah rasa kot. Teringat aku masa zaman sekolah sekolah dulu beratur panjang panjang semata mata nak minum milo. Hehehehe


Okay Okay The Last One : Mamasan Tammy and I :) Only her meme changed. Lol

The Last Two : Usie of Us :) (Credit to Tammy)

The Last Three : Take a look what sponsor had given to us! A lot of Happiness I can Say. Toce Toce :)

Last but not least,
I am so happy to get to know with Butterfly Project. It give me a damn extra experience that I never felt before. Beauty is not about the make up and Bla bla bla things but also the beauty is about HEART. I hope The Butterfly Project Malaysia terus maju dan dikenali oleh ramai orang lagi dan berkembang menjadi satu organisasi yang disegani. Alhamdulilah and one more thing, The Butterfly Project was spot in newspaper!! 
[ ]

Till Then,
XOXO Fahira binti Fuadi

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fairy Beauty : Fairy Blossom

As salam and Hello Baby girlss! :)

Omg, Omg, Omg! my blog had sawangs since almost a month I didnt write any post. Im sure your miss me a lot! *mata ke atas tangan ke bahu. Oh God Im soo soo soo busy with my work. Pergi pagi balik malam. Mandi dan terus pengsan sampai esoknya dan pergi pagi balik malam dan mandi dan pengsan dan begitu la seterusnya. Okay bai! Lol, No life betul kan. What the heck.

Okay back to the what Im gonna share to you all, FAIRY BLOSSOM. Hey babes have you all heard about that? It was the one of Fairy Beauty's marvellous product tau! Psst, Fairy Blossom had a Special Awards Winner of the Beauty Supplements category in Cite Cosme Beauty Awards 2012/2013 organized by Beauty, Mina and ViVi Magazines! 

The Fairy Blossom been created to enhance your feminity and restorative powers that can mimic natural female hormones to encourage breast firming and development for sure (every girl's dream *shy shy shy).

Moreover, the formulative formula helped hormone regulation that eliminate alleviate discomforts caused by hormonal imbalances besides the antioxidants and nourishing  vitamins and minerals can increase your feminine beauty and enhances your overall wellbeing at the same time. =)

10 Enchanting Fairy Blossom Benefits

  1. Develops full, plump breasts.
  2. Firms and uplifts sagging breasts.
  3. Firms up the hip lines.
  4. Restores vaginal lubricants and increases sexual satisfaction.
  5. Enhances vitality and increases energy.
  6. Alleviates pre-menstrual tension and menstrual problems.
  7. Reduces and delays menopausal symptoms.
  8. Enhances the qualityof sleep and prevents mood swings.
  9. Improves bone & joint health.
  10. Nourishes the body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants.

Same like Fairy Whitez (click to read my review about it), you just need to poke the straw and drink it. As easy as 1 2 3 right. No need to mix it with water like the other powder supplement. The size of bottle so small 22ml and travel friendly. You just need to consume a bottle per day before breakfast. Disebabkan kandungan Fairy Blossom kebanyakkannya buah-buahan, almost every day saya akan buang air besar. Penyahtoksin yang baik and keep us health! :)

For my lovely readers here's the great news for you!

You can  purchase the Fairy Blossom on
Just for you baby, Fairy Beauty is currently running a promo to get FREE 4 bottles with purchase of 2 boxes!

And dont forget to : (just click to the highlight words below)

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