Wednesday, 16 April 2014

B.Liv Absolute Matte Mask by Cellnique

As salam and Hello darlings :)

How your holiday? (If any) Hahahha mine is awesome! happy to the max. No worry about things, about any assignments just me and my lovely blog! Super awesome right?! For your information my holidays was until June! Weeeeee.. Lama weyh. Sila jelly.

Fuhhhhhh..... Okay off from topic holiday. 

I want to introduce you all something miracle.
It been created for oiliness (oil conrol + clarifying + hydrating) type person. Who had oiliness serious problem? Okay we're meant to be for this great mask.

B.Liv Absolute Matte Mask by Cellnique

This innovative skin-saver is all you need to lift away impurities and excess sebum, leaving the skin clear, balanced and fabulously glowing.

Don't get mad at bothersome oil/shine, get matte! abslute matte helps combat excess sebum and control surface shine while purigying and refreshing your complexion. Unlike any other, it uses active charcoal mask sheet that acts like a magnet to draw out deep-dwelling pore-cloggers so you can experience hours & hours of TLC your skin deserves.

  1. Retinyl Palmitate - Regulate sebum secretion and stimulate skin regeneration.
  2. Zinc Sulfate - Combat excess sebum, control surface shine while clarifying the complexion.
  3. Willow Bark Extract - Used as exfoliants to lift away impurities, with blemish-control properties.

Scary shit right? Please dont be! Lol It's still me! Hahahaha

Usage :
Wear like the usual mask for 15 minutes. Gently massage the remaining essense for 30 seconds, leave it for another 30 seconds for complete absorption.

It really refreshing type mask. I really feel the cool sensation when I'm wearing it on. Highly recommended for someone that looking for great mask =) I hope you enjoyed reading mine review. Please dont be shy shy cat to ask me more about prouct that I reviewed.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

My whole New Look

As Salam and Hello Beauties :)

How's your day? Mine is to fine because of my whole new look! Me? No No No, it's about my blog lor.. Cantik tak? cantik kan.. hahahha (tanya sendiri jawab sendiri) 
Alhamdulilah akhirnya setelah nak dekat setahun jugak berblog asyik tukar layout yang sama je yang biasa je setakat yang basic basic pandai la (almaklum lah newbie kan), I ambil keputusan untuk upah orang buat my blog. Request apa je jenis design yang you all nak, In Sya Allah akak tu on je. Hehehehe Bayaran pon berpatutan so apa lagi kan.

Hampir 100% kot bertepatan dengan apa yang I nak. :) Itu yang penting kan. Memang berpuas hati.
For your information akak ne jugak ambil upah design untuk blog, doodle dan jugak fanpage cover :)

Untuk sebarang pertanyaan dan maklumat tentang design serta contoh-contohnya anda boleh melawat facebook dan blog akak ne :) 
Pm jangan tak pm ye.. Rugi!

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