Sunday, 22 June 2014

Timeless Truth Orchid Replenishing Mask Review

As salam and Hello guys.

Korang buat apa malam malam ne? Aku selalu nak tekankan kat korang at least dalam seminngu tu kita sebagai pompuan ne kena la manjakan diri sikit so selain bedak sejuk apa kata korang applykan Mask. Mudahkan? As easy as 1 2 3.. 

So hari ne aku nak kenalkan korang dengan Timeless Truth Mask ( TT Mask ).

The background about this mask :
The humble beginning of the "Timeless Truth" brand started back in 1988, France. Ever since then, TT has been playing an active role in the international trade of skin care products arena. Timeless Truth has taken the market paradigm shift from France to Taiwan in 1988. New products are invented every year in response to different target groups' market requirement. With a wide selection of skin care products that cater for different needs from the consumers (facial masks, eye masks, neck masks, foot masks, and breast masks), Timeless Truth is definitely the preferred brand of choice.

TT Orchid Extract Replenish mask

The benefit of TT Mask :
Whitening, brightening, Mosturizing, Anti-aging, Clarity, Prevent dark spots, Reduce uneven skin tones.

This mask is extra large that can even covered up your chin so it can get the benefit too. =)

Till then babes,

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fairy Beauty Life Food Review

As salam and Hello Beauties :)

Hye babes.. How are you? I hope you all stay happier and of course stay healthier. So how you manage yourself? Are your weight ideal with your height? Please take care of our weight management to prevent ourselves from bad diseases. Jangan ingat orang yang gemuk je ye berpotensi untuk dapat bad diseases ne. Orang yang selim melim tu jangan nak senyum lebar sangat la sebab on certain cases orang yang kurus ne la banyak berpotensi tinggi cholesterol berbanding orang yang agak berisi sebab ada jugak tau orang yang selim melim kuat makan sebenarnya tapi tak gemuk gemuk. So better watch out girls eventhough you dah kurus.

So di sini I nak perkenalkan you all product yang kebaboom dasyatnya! 

300 g

Alhamdulilah after I consume Life Food ne badan pon dah rasa ringan ringan. Perut pon sentiasa kenyang je. Memang pengganti sarapan yang terbaik la.

The powerful nutrients combination gears body nutrients absorption and stimulates repair and regeneration of malfunctioned cells. This compact formula composes rich nutrients that could quench your daily nutrient need; to fuel up as well as empower our body system. It performs good efficacy in weight management as well as improvement of cholesterol level.

Life Food Contained :
  • 16 types of Vitamin & Minerals
  • High dietary fiber & prebiotic
  • Meal replacement
  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Chia seeds omega 3 & 6
  • Reduce bad cholesterol

Direction Of Use: 
Mix 3-4 tablespoon with 250ml of warm water. Take 2 times a day before meals (before beakfast and before dinner), or anytime convenient.

Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in cool and dry place.

So this is how it looks before you stir it up. You need to stir it until the powder become a mixture.

Tadaa... So yummy.. nyummm nyumm.. :D

So in my side this is really highly recommended product to those who really concern about their healthy lifestyle. Eventhough you already take care of your lifestyle you still recommended to take additional food. Why not right, for a better way of healthy lifestyle.

Bak kata pepatah, "Mencegah lebih baik dari mengubati"

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Enchaunteur Paris Body Lotions & Serum Review

As salam and Hello Hotties :)

Pejam celik pejam celik tak sangka plak kan dah nak habis dah cuti sem aku yang berbaki 2 bulan lebih ne.. Hmmm.. Sobss.. Sobss.. Sobbss.. Takpe tahun depan dah nak habis dah.. Hehehehehe Sikit lagi sikit lagi. Ganbatte Fahira!

Okay back to the point! Enchaunteur Parisssss.....
Nama pon dah megah apa lagi yang empunya product tu. Tipu la kalau korang tak pernah dengar plak kan. Memang nak kena hempuk! Hahahahaha That's mean jenama ne memang dah lama la bertapak so no reason korang tak tau. kalau taktau jugak apa kata tanya mak engkorang. For sure la dia tau. Hehehehehe

Theorytically, aku ne nak kata tegar tu tak tegar jugak la tapi aku selalu guna lepas mandi malam time seriously tak buat apa apa dah memang tunggu masa nak tido sebab aku ne tak girly sangat nak pakai time siang siang tu sebab berpeluh. Lepas tu, aku ne ada penyakit sikit bila dah pakai lotions kan rasa Queen gila beb tanak dah sentuh apa apa. Gelii. Hahaahhaha Aku pon tak tau apasal la wujud penyakit seumpama ini.

Tapi korang jangan pulak ikut ikut aku okay. Basically, we as a woman organization kena menitikberatkan kecantikan kita keseluruhan dalam dan luar. So, penggunaan lotions ne memang tersangat sangat penting untuk kita mengelakkan diri dari kulit kering akibat banyak menghabiskan masa dengan bekerja atau study kat tempat tempat yang berair-cond. Selain tu, lotions jugak dapat melindungi kulit kita yang gebus mulus tu dari sinaran UV tau.   

What is actually lotions and it's benefit to us ?

Body lotions are lotions applied to the body after bathing. They contain more water than body cream to hydrate, smoothen and soften the skin. There are several benefits of using lotion :
  • Moisture - Oils that are in lotion give skin moisture and elasticity. They are absorbed into the skin, repairing and soothing dry skin.
  • Protection - The same oils in lotion that repair dry skin can also prevent irritation from dry skin. Also, if a lotion contains SPF, it can help prevent sun damage.
  • Anti-Aging - By using lotion to protect against sun damage and dry skin, you can help minimize the aging process. Dry skin that loses elasticity and sun damage can cause wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Skin Colour - Some lotions contain additives that can either lighten or darken the appearance of skin pigment.
  • Scent - Most lotions contain fragrance oils that can be used for a light scent. The scent is less potent than perfumes or colognes and is beneficial for people who desire the scent but are sensitive to stronger perfumes. 
All Skin Types
150 ml

This is fast-absorbing, water-based lotion with the pampering scent of Adore relaxes you as you sleep. It contain Micro Collagen and Swiss Edelweiss that improves skin elasticity and repairs damaged skin overnight.

  • Micro Collagen : to strengthen and firm up skin, keeping skin firm, supple and youthful-looking.
  • Swiss Edelweiss : not only protects skin against free radicals generated by UV rays and other pollutants but also works actively to repair damaged skin overnight.
All Skin Types
150 ml

This lotion is fast-absorbing, water-based lotion comes with the captivating scent of Belle Amour that sparks moments of attraction. It even been formulated with Sakura Concentrate, Licorice Concentrate and Vitamin B3 that work concurrently to perform 3 whitening actions and even out skin tone.
  • Sakura Concentrate : works againts tyrosinase activity to even out skin tone.
  • Licorice Concentrate : prevents the formation of dark pigment due to UV rays exposure.
  • Vitamin B3 : stops the aggregation of melanin to prevent pigmentation.

For Outdoor
150 ml

This water-based lotion with the uplifting and refreshing scent of Mon Amie keeps you fresh even when it's hot outside. This lotion was a non-greasy, fast-absorbing whitening lotion complete with UV protection that contains Portulaca Concentrate and Aloe Vera Concentrate and Licorice Concentrate.
  • Portulaca Concentrate and Aloe Vera Concentrate : deeply moisturise your skin.
  • Licorice Concentrate : prevents the formation of dark pigment due to UV rays exposure.
All Skin Types
135 ml

This is a water-based, fast-absorbing body serum with multiple benefits:
  • SPF24++ : to protect your skin against UVA & UVB rays that cause darkening and premature ageing.
  • Licorice Concentrate : to whiten and even out skin tone.
  • Hyaluronic Hydration : that provides 24 hrs hydration.
For overall review, I prefer All-in-One Whitening Body Serum to protect my skin against the sunlight rays. Look at our condition at Malaysia, too hot you know. Better watch out because lately I heard about more people got skin cancer. Poor them. So as precaution let us protect our skin together! It also provide me 24 hrs hydration as I am studying in air-cond class. It really suits me well. 

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