Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Fairy Beauty Life Food Review

As salam and Hello Beauties :)

Hye babes.. How are you? I hope you all stay happier and of course stay healthier. So how you manage yourself? Are your weight ideal with your height? Please take care of our weight management to prevent ourselves from bad diseases. Jangan ingat orang yang gemuk je ye berpotensi untuk dapat bad diseases ne. Orang yang selim melim tu jangan nak senyum lebar sangat la sebab on certain cases orang yang kurus ne la banyak berpotensi tinggi cholesterol berbanding orang yang agak berisi sebab ada jugak tau orang yang selim melim kuat makan sebenarnya tapi tak gemuk gemuk. So better watch out girls eventhough you dah kurus.

So di sini I nak perkenalkan you all product yang kebaboom dasyatnya! 

300 g

Alhamdulilah after I consume Life Food ne badan pon dah rasa ringan ringan. Perut pon sentiasa kenyang je. Memang pengganti sarapan yang terbaik la.

The powerful nutrients combination gears body nutrients absorption and stimulates repair and regeneration of malfunctioned cells. This compact formula composes rich nutrients that could quench your daily nutrient need; to fuel up as well as empower our body system. It performs good efficacy in weight management as well as improvement of cholesterol level.

Life Food Contained :
  • 16 types of Vitamin & Minerals
  • High dietary fiber & prebiotic
  • Meal replacement
  • Sustainable weight loss
  • Chia seeds omega 3 & 6
  • Reduce bad cholesterol

Direction Of Use: 
Mix 3-4 tablespoon with 250ml of warm water. Take 2 times a day before meals (before beakfast and before dinner), or anytime convenient.

Avoid direct sunlight. Keep in cool and dry place.

So this is how it looks before you stir it up. You need to stir it until the powder become a mixture.

Tadaa... So yummy.. nyummm nyumm.. :D

So in my side this is really highly recommended product to those who really concern about their healthy lifestyle. Eventhough you already take care of your lifestyle you still recommended to take additional food. Why not right, for a better way of healthy lifestyle.

Bak kata pepatah, "Mencegah lebih baik dari mengubati"

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