Thursday, 6 February 2014

Jom Join Giveaway!

As salam and Hello Beauties! :))

Da lama I ta blog pasal giveaway kan kann kannn ?  Today giveaway are from +SYAFIQAH RUSLI ! Ne first giveaway dia tau. Jom support ramai ramai bloggers! :))

What the prizes of the giveaway?
  • A special handmade name embroided makeup bag
  • Loreal Perfect Clean with Scrublet
  • Ola bath set
  • Hello Kitty Fake Lashes container
  • Maybelline NY Shine-free Cake Powder
  • Elianto Shimmer
  • Baviphat Mask
  • Hairclip
  • Disney Princess Sticker
They also will adding more prize if the giveaway entry hit every 100th! So let us spread the word by FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and dont forget your BLOG also!

Mai pakat ramai ramai serbu ! hehhehe

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